Not Just for the Big Boys! How We Can Help Hobbyist Pilots

With so many aircraft-related companies in the Seattle area, it’s easy to ignore recreational purposes people have for airplanes. A burgeoning hobbyist industry is taking hold for commercial pilots in their off-time and young flight enthusiasts alike, and their planes need parts and connectors just as much as the big boys.

The beauty of hobbyist aircraft these days is that you don’t need to save up for an entry-level Cessna Skyhawk anymore. Experimental aircraft and Ultralights mean you can take to the skies in fun and easy-to-fly aircraft without significant investment, a pilot’s license, or FAA regulations.

J&K Connectors has the parts and supply on-hand you need to keep your aircraft flying safely for years to come. In fact, our experience with small-engine aircraft dates back to Dave “The Hammer” Harris, who famously flies the BD-5J (the world’s smallest jet airplane). Harris trusts J & K Connectors for his part sourcing and relies on our quick turnaround.

We have parts in stock and ready to ship all around the world. Whether you’re looking for the popular MIL-DTL-26482 & MIL-DTL-5015, or something else, chances are your needed part is in-stock as part of our vast inventory. If not, we can manufacture custom parts and connectors for highly specific applications.

Browse our inventory for your desired part or accessory or contact J&K Connectors to discuss your hobbyist aircraft supply needs.

Image source: Wikimedia