Aircraft Identification Quiz: How Many Can You Name?

It goes without saying, but here at J & K Connectors, we love airplanes and if you’re reading this, chances are you do, too. Let’s take a break from the usual format and play a quick quiz to see how many different consumer and private-level aircraft you can name!

Question #1: One of the most popular single-engine planes ever produced, this four-seat aircraft boasts high wings and a streamlined, no-frills design. What is it?

cessna 150

Question #2: A close cousin of the previous aircraft, these are seen in the skies more often than most due to their friendly handling and generous design. What is it?

cessna 172

Question #3: Another popular training aircraft, this plane is a little chunkier than the previous two, with a lower wing profile and a fixed gear. Bonus tip: this aircraft is often confused with a Beechcraft Bonanza. What is it?

piper cherokee

Question #4: One of our favorite airplane producers, this company has created a slick-looking low-wing aircraft that appears to have had its wings installed backwards, but it flies straight and true. What is it?

mooney m20

Question #5: A curvy, appealing plane, this aircraft has a very large wingspan, often causing it to be mistaken for a large glider. What is it?

diamond da-40


Answer #1: Cessna 150

Answer #2: Cessna 172

Answer #3: Piper Cherokee

Answer #4: Mooney M20

Answer #5: Diamond DA-40

How many did you get right? Are you a true flying ace or still a pilot in training? From J&K Connectors, we thank you for playing and hope you’ll swing back by the next time around! Don’t forget, if you need airplane parts, accessories, and connectors, we’re your best bet. Our large in-stock inventory and fast turnarounds make us a valuable co-pilot, so bookmark us for future reference if you’re still saving up for your first aircraft!