Russtech Contact Retention Tool Tester – RTTL™ Series

In operation, the RTTL test tool quickly pre-loads the contact with the test force and then releases if the contact is properly seated. The RTTL is held in alignment with the connector, with the probe touching the contact to be tested.  The tool is then pushed towards the connector.  If the contact is properly assembled and locked in, the tool gives an audible and physical “click” when the preset load pressure is reached.  Immediately following, the wing stop on the face of the tool bottoms out on the rim of the connector shell and leaves the contact unharmed and intact.  If the contact latching clip is faulty or the contact was not inserted properly, the tool will automatically bottom out on the connector shell and at the same time, force the contact partially out of the connector, giving the user a good visual indication of the faulty contact.  During this cycle, no “click” will be felt or heard as the pre-load has not been reached.

A unique safety feature of the RTTL tool is the “Wing Stop” located at the front of the tool. In addition to aiding in tool alignment, our “Wing Stop” prevents any additional tool travel after the contact has been tested. This feature also allows us to control the probe length / wing stop relationship, so should you find an unseated contact, the test probe will push it back as far as the interfacial seal and the wing stop will prevent the test probe from entering the contact cavity.


  • Automatic and precise force testing


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