Was 2015 the Safest Year for Aviation? A Look Back

Early this month, the Federal Aviation Administration called 2015 a “year of safety and continued modernization” just as lawmakers returned to review a new funding bill for the agency.

In a blog post, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta focused on two main points this agency addressed in 2015: improving the agency’s computer systems and registering unmanned drones.

While it’s clear that the nation’s air traffic control system was in much need of an overhaul and registration for drones makes sense with so many close calls last year, aviation experts aren’t all on the same page as the FAA.

With nearly 30 aviation accidents and incidents reported last year, 2015 marks the most notable and frequent year for high-level aviation problems since 2012.

Furthermore, the industry still reels from the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which sent oil prices plummeting. While many airlines are benefiting from the decreased price of fuel, regional and international airlines are the only ones continuing to see sustained growth. Larger airlines cling to razor-thin profit margins, forcing them to cut costs.

Coupled with increasing violence in the Middle East and continuing Russian involvement in Ukraine, there’s little doubt that 2016 will pose less danger to airline and aviation safety in those regions.

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