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New Exclusive Distributor Engagement with Russtech Engineering

J&K Connectors is excited to announce our New Exclusive Distributor Engagement with Russtech Engineering representing their new line of Contact Retention Tools, Kits and Testers. Russtech has been supporting the tooling market for nearly 50 years and with their newly launched leading edge products, they are the subject matter experts and market leader...

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Five Aviation Podcasts To Add To Your Queue

Whether you are a podcast enthusiast or have never heard of these on-demand radio shows, there are many great podcasts out there for aviation lovers. From shows that break down technical aspects of aviation to those that discuss the latest breaking news in the field, consider adding a few of these top aviation...
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Falcon Heavy Spacecraft To Launch This February

While space exploration was once a political tool and a driving force during the Cold War, rockets and space travel are no longer just for the government. These days, space travel and commercial space exploration are ongoing developments in the world of aviation and are becoming a driving force in aerospace innovation. Read more

Four Websites To Know For The Best Travel Deals

If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably know that flight prices tend to fluctuate. A round-trip flight from your hometown to a given city may be anywhere from $400 to $1200 or more, depending on when and where you book your ticket. If you are the type of person who would rather spend...
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