Five Aviation Podcasts To Add To Your Queue

Whether you are a podcast enthusiast or have never heard of these on-demand radio shows, there are many great podcasts out there for aviation lovers. From shows that break down technical aspects of aviation to those that discuss the latest breaking news in the field, consider adding a few of these top aviation podcasts to your listening queue.

How To Download and Listen To Podcasts

If you are new to podcasting, getting started is easy. A podcast is a radio show you can listen to anywhere, and all you need is your smartphone and headphones. Most smartphones come with a podcast app pre-installed, but if your device does not have the app you can download Apple Podcasts, PlayerFM, or Stitcher from The App Store. Once you have downloaded this app, you can search for the name of any of the podcasts listed below or peruse top charts of popular podcasts. From aviation to breaking news, to pop culture happy hour, there is no shortage of podcasts to listen to!

Podcasts To Listen To:

Airplane Geeks

From aviation history, to the latest and greatest technology, the Airplane Geeks podcast discusses all things aviation. In their weekly episodes, they feature thought leaders in the industry, historic pilots, airport logistics and a number of other topics. Their website also includes a ton of fun and interactive content including event calendars, news updates and more.

The Finer Points

If you are an aspiring commercial or hobbyist pilot, The Finer Points may be the aviation podcast for you. Hosted by certified flight instructor Jason Miller, this podcast covers a number of tips, tricks, best practices, and more for aspiring pilots. With over 200 episodes, this podcast offers a wealth of information!

Uncontrolled Aerospace: General Aviation Podcast

If you love all things airborne, the Uncontrolled Aerospace podcast is the one for you. This podcast covers a wide variety of aerospace-related topics. Ranging from getting a pilot’s license to the latest innovations for Airbus and Boeing, these podcast hosts have a finger on the pulse of all things aviation. Another podcast with a vast library of episodes, you’ll find no shortage of this content!

The LogBook

Anyone who is interested in stories from the cockpit should give “The LogBook” a listen. This podcast features aviators ranging from military veterans to aerobatic pilots who share their experience from places near and far. With this podcast, you’ll explore stories you never imagined possible from above ground all around the globe.


If you like your aviation news with a focus on aerospace, Airspeed should be next in your queue. This podcast explore current issues, events, and trends in the aviation and aerospace industries. From how the Space Race worked with early computing technology to famous aviation lawsuits, this podcast has no shortage of fun and interesting content.

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