J&K Connectors for Industrial Equipment

J&K Connectors is known worldwide for its vast on-hand inventory of electrical connectors for the aviation industry. However, we've been supplying major manufacturers in the construction, mining, naval supply, traffic system technologies, telecommunications, and many more for over 30 years. We specialize in professional, responsive customer care that comes with an "In by 2, Out by...
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The History of Aviation: Part 1

At J & K Connectors, we love aircrafts and flight just as much as we enjoy supplying manufacturers with hard-to-find and customized aircraft connectors and components. To honor our passion for this wonderful industry, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the early days of aviation and how it’s evolved throughout the centuries. Read more

Not Just for the Big Boys! How We Can Help Hobbyist Pilots

With so many aircraft-related companies in the Seattle area, it's easy to ignore recreational purposes people have for airplanes. A burgeoning hobbyist industry is taking hold for commercial pilots in their off-time and young flight enthusiasts alike, and their planes need parts and connectors just as much as the big boys. The beauty of hobbyist aircraft...
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How Winter Weather Affects Aircraft

With winter weather in full effect and fleets of aircraft coming off a busy travel season, airline administrators and maintenance crews need to be monitoring the condition of their aircraft with extreme care. Cold weather can affect the technical aspects and components of a plane, but winter air is actually denser than warm air. This helps...
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