Avionics Parts Obsolescence – How J&K Connectors Can Help

Although aircraft is designed to be used for many years, the parts and components that make up various parts of the aircraft (and especially the cockpit) get harder and harder to find the longer the aircraft has been in active service.

As we’ve seen with CRT monitors and panels being extremely difficult to source and replace due to rapid changes in the consumer electronics marketplace, the aviation industry is not invincible to outside forces. Anticipating changes in the industry is a headache for aviation officials and enthusiasts alike, as prices on high-demand, hard to source components skyrocket as time flies by.

J&K Connectors is the go-to source for owners and operators for their aviation connectors and supply needs. Our vast inventory is only matched by the knowledge of our customer service staff and the expertise of our custom assembly team. If we don’t have your requested assembly on hand, there’s a good chance our team can produce it for you.

An aging aircraft doesn’t necessarily require a complete retrofit – before you invest in an overhaul, give J&K Connectors a call. If we don’t have the aviation parts or connectors you need, we can certainly point you in the right direction. Contact our sales team at 425-282-0600 or use the inquiry form here.

Remember: we strive to be the most responsive and reliable aviation supply partner you’ll ever encounter and we promise to ship orders for in-stock items by the end of the business day, so give us a call today!

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